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Concept of Mobilization-
After the completion of awareness programme of farmers, there is a need for their mobilization i.e. discussing with farmers by contacting them personally as well as in groups so that they can understand the benefits of participatory irrigation management and be ready to participate actively and voluntarily in the elections for formation of WUAs.

Objective of Mobilization-
Formation of sustainable and cohesive WUAs in accordance with the provisions of UP PIM Act-2009 and UP PIM Rules 2010.

Methodology of Mobilization -
Water User's Associations have been formed through direct/indirect elections in UPWSRP- phase 1 area in the year 2011. Since then, they have been involved in performing their roles and responsibilities as mentioned in UP PIM Act. They have become well versed with the concept of community development and in performing irrigation management task with ease. It is visualized that if the members of this cohesive community are engaged in motivating and mobilizing farmers of phase 2 area, that may prove to be more effective in communicating their experiences of implementing UP PIM Act and its benefits. In this way, a community to community mobilization concept is proposed to be utilized to mobilize the farmers of District- Lalitpur in phase 2 area.

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Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project, SIRDPIM | SIRDPIM UPWSRP
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